When A Daring Fan Climbed Up Crane To Meet Michael Jackson During Live Performance

Michael Jackson’s 1996 concert in South Korea’s Seoul has been making waves on social media once again. All thanks to a viral clip of a daring fan who climbed a crane during the performance of Earth Song.

The clip, which has been circulating on Reddit, shows the fan rushing up to the King of Pop who is perched high above the stage. The fan who climbs the crane seconds before it is raised even higher in the air is held by Michael Jackson for the fear of not letting him fall.

The clip showed the singer’s professionalism as he continued performing while keeping a firm grasp on the fan. As soon as the crane touches the ground, a team of security is seen rushing to get the fan off the crane.

Michael Jackson did a concert in Seoul in 1996 and a fan climbed the crane up to him. MJ held him tightly to prevent him from falling, all while performing Earth Song With the clip going viral on Reddit, it’s clear that the King of Pop’s music continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Even though it has been more than a decade since his passing. Several social media users flooded the comment section with remarks about the immense popularity of Michael Jackson. Others were wondering how this might have affected everyone who was a part of the performance.

A Reddit user wrote, “That whole ordeal was super stressful for everyone in the special effects team too. The guy running the crane must have been sweating bul**lets. It wouldn’t have been his fault, but god the guilt of ki**lling someone inadvertently must be insane.”

“The move where he takes the guy’s arm and forces him to hold onto the rail was pretty heads-up,” another user commented.

A comment read, “Dude is hands down the greatest performer in history. He was insanely talented. He could sing and dance better than the best singers and dancers. He could write and compose. He was a real-life cheat code.”

Nearly 14 years after his death, Michael Jackson is still regarded as the King of Pop. He set numerous records during his lifetime, including becoming the artist to win the most GRAMMYs in a single night. With 8 awards for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best Male Vocal performances in 3 categories, he has remained unbeaten for this record in the past 39 years.