Lost Michael Jackson footage from Sega game found at UK car boot sale

A long lost Michael Jackson video game built for Sega amusement parks has been discovered nearly 30 years after it was filmed.

The footage from Sega’s Scramble Training video was bought for just a few hundred pounds at a car boot sale.

The footage shows Michael Jackson giving a voice over to a motion stimulator arcade game, but the footage was never released.

The tape was discovered earlier this year bat a car boot sale, titled ‘Sega AS-1 (Michael Jackson Vers)’, and was bought for a few hundred pounds.

Forbes reports the seller was someone whose relative was previously an employee of Sega Amusements Europe.

35-year-old gaming enthusiast Ben Bizley was the one who bought the game, and realised quickly he was onto something unsual.

“It was mainly instinct, really–a bit of a blind buy, as I’d not seen anything like it before. I had to fork out £300 ($364) in order to get the purchase over the line.”

Gaming writer Nick Greenfield has spoken about the ‘Scramble Training’ amusement game and how amazing the find really it is to have found the video.

He says: “As the interactive nature of the ride meant it had never been seen in full online–with all its Star Tours-like options… It’s truly an exquisite specimen.”

The lost footage has now been made available to watch on YouTube, above.