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What does iisreset command do in backend

What does iisreset command do in backend

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iisreset   Dan iisreset

IISRESET in SharePoint Using Powershell Script · $LogTime = Get-Date -Format yyyy-MM-dd_hh-mm · PerformIISRESETPatch-$ · # Add

One common method is to use the IISReset command-line utility with Windows 2000's built-in task scheduler When you use IISReset IIS RESET in all the servers function Do-IISReset { try { #Getting the servers where the IISReset is going to be done $spServers= Get-SPServer

grand lottery Step 2: Stop IIS To stop IIS, you will need to enter the following command in the Command Prompt: iisreset stop To stop IIS on command line 2) Click on Run button 3) Type CMD without quote 4) Press enter which will open up To Stop IIS, use the following command iisreset

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