Akon Reveals How He And Michael Jackson Were Planning On Building Music Schools In Africa

The “Smack That” artist shared the music school would allow kids to learn how to play instruments, vocal coaching, and about the music business.

Akon reveals in an interview with HipHopDX that he and Michael Jackson were preparing to open up music schools in Africa before the King Of Pop’s untimely d**eath.

While praising the Thriller musician, he shared their vision to give kids the chance to learn music in Africa.

“There are a few things that we did discuss.,” the musician began.

“One of them was we were gonna build music schools throughout Africa. We wanted to create a music school that allowed kids to learn how to play instruments, vocal coaching, the music business, and entertainment, so they don’t just walk into it not knowing the education of how the business works and things like that. Even in the educational district, the first one will be built in Akon City, and I’m naming it after the Michael Jackson Foundation. So I’m gonna be naming it MJ University.”

BET.com previously reported the R&B artist was in the process of building his second futuristic city in Uganda.

“A place suitable in Uganda that has not less than one square mile, which will be made available to him and his team,” said Isaac Musumba, Uganda’s minister for urban development.

During the interview, he also shares how Jackson’s biggest want was for children to be in a space to be a kid.

“We had like a good two years together where we just hung out practically four, five times a week, right? Real conversations and he would shock you, the kind of shit that he like, the kind of shit he would say,” the entrepreneur shared.

He went on to express how “sad” people didn’t get a chance to see the “Bad” musician’s purity.

“Obviously the powers that be used that as a way of trying to destroy his image, destroy his reputation, and to me it was just sad how the people didn’t really understand how pure this man was and how many more people we need like him on this earth.”